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Dog Food Recall May 2012

I was unpleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning to find more dog foods have been added to the current Dog Food Recall list.  Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Wellness, and Natural Balance have all been added to the growing list of dog food recalls.  These foods are being recalled due to Salmonella Contamination.  The list [...]

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Top 4 Dog Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them

Nearly every dog develops a behavior problem at some point in its life. Whether this problem involves biting, excessive barking, or submissive urination, it is important that dog owners learn how to correct these problems sooner rather than later. Today, we’re going to teach you how to fix the top five most common dog behavior [...]

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Don’t blame the breed – Pit Bull Terriers

I recently read an article that made me sick.  Lennox, a six year old American Bull Dog Lab mix pictured as a puppy here, has been on death row for the past 20 months, living in a dirty kennel just waiting to be euthanized.  Lennox was wrongfully seized from his northern Ireland home on May [...]

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We now have a twitter account, please follow us!!/FurEndlyPetCare

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