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3 Dog Walking Training Tips To Stop Leash Pulling

Stop Leash Pulling

If dog walking has become less and less enjoyable on walks for you, then you may want to improve your dog’s behavior using some simple training tips. Today, we’re going to teach you three effective ways to improve your dog’s behavior during a walk.  Don’t use a choke chain or a shock/prong collar Some dog [...]

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The Pro and Cons of Using a Retractable Dog Leash

Many dog owners preach the benefits of using a retractable dog leash, while others think that they lead to behavior problems. Retractable leashes have a hard case made of durable plastic, and inside that case is up to twenty feet of leash. To help you make the right decision on your next trip to the [...]

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Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

We taught our two year old siberian husky mix how to search for and open easter eggs.  She loves it!

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