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Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?
We have heard this question many times before, and we highly suggest no matter who you are contracting to work for you for whatever job, always ask this question. Yes we are fully bonded and insured, however there are no professional licensing requirements for pet sitters. There are no licensing tests required for this line of work, and anyone who wants to become a pet sitter or a dog walker can do so without taking any sort of formal training. However FurEndly Pet Care's sitters have a combined total of over 20 years experience working with animals and continue to learn more and more each day. We have excellent references available upon request.
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Why use a pet sitter or dog walker?
The benefits of using a pet sitter or dog walker far out weight kenneling or boarding your pet. Using a pet sitter or dog walker provides your pet(s) with one on one attention, something that cannot get at a kennel or boarding facility. Your pet(s) will feel more comfortable in their own surroundings, with familiar scents and sounds. Many pets fall ill or become injured at kennels or boarding facility, and using a pet sitter or dog walker virtually eliminates that risk. We care for your pet the same way you do, keeping their outings, feedings, and play time on their usual routine.
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Do you board dogs at your home?
No. We offer services in your home where the pet feels most comfortable. We will walk your dog around your neighborhood, visit your pet at your home, and even sleep at your home and house sit as well as pet sit while you are away.
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What happens if it snows?
We'll be there weather permitting. So long as roads are safe to drive on and we can still access your home, your dog will be walked and your pet will be cared for. We ask that at least one of the emergency contacts you list on the client information page be a neighbor or someone who lives close by. In the event we cannot get to your home (road closures, SEVERE weather conditions or ice) you will be notified and we will reach out to your emergency contact to care for your pet if requested.
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Do you walk dogs in packs?
A common site in New York City is a dog walker with seven dogs in tow. Although this may be more time efficient for the dog walker, it's not the best option for the dog. FurEndly Pet Care offers private dog walking, so only your dog(s) will be walked at your scheduled time. We walk your dog(s) around your neighborhood where they are familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells. If needed, two pet sitters will walk your dogs for an additional fee (for clients with more than 3 dogs).
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Do you walk Pit Bulls?
Yes! We do not discriminate against breed, size, temperament, or age. We will walk and care for all types of pets.
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Do you let dogs off leash?
Yes and no. If the client has a complete secured fenced in yard, the dog will be allowed access to the yard off leash when in the presence of your pet sitter. If the dog does not have a secured yard and is used to going on the property off leash, a 30 foot leash will be used at the time of the service. This way the dog has freedom to run around, while the pet sitter has control of the dog at all times. For regular dog walks a leash will be used at all times. For dog park visits the dog will be kept on a leash until it is securely enclosed in the fenced in area. The dog will be leashed again before leaving the area.
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My dog doesn't like other dogs, can you still walk him?
Yes we can. Our pet sitters are experienced with dog aggressive dogs and many other behavioral issues. While on walks, your dog will never interact with other dogs in the neighborhood. Even if your dog is not dog aggressive, no one can predict the temperament of another dog. This also cuts the risk of any sort of disease or infestation your dog might catch from greeting another dog.
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Who will be caring for my pet?
On the consult you will meet your primary pet sitter or dog walker and the owner(s) of FurEndly Pet Care. This way if your pet sitter ever can't make it to a service, your pet will have a backup. On the first few services your primary sitter and their back up will do the services together to familiarize themselves with your pet and your home/neighborhood. This way if your primary pet sitter ever can't make it to a service, your pet will be familiar with the person who acts as back up.
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How do I pay for services?
FurEndly Pet Care handles payment with online credit card processing through On the consult you will be asked to fill out a credit card authorization form. This form is kept on file and you will be billed every two weeks for services. An invoice will be e-mail to you from PetSitClick, our online scheduling and billing software and your card will be charged.
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My pet needs medication daily, can you accommodate this?
Of course! We have experience from administering oral medications to insulin shots. Just let us know what your pet needs and we will accommodate at no extra charge.
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Can I be notified once my pet has been walked?
After every walk or visit your pet sitter will always leave a note for you letting you know how that days service went, or send you a text if you prefer. For extended care (in-home overnight care and full day care) a pawgress report will be left for you upon your return home letting you know how each day and scheduled visit went. Daily texts, picture messages, or video messages can also be arranged if desired.
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Do you pick up after the dogs?
Always! We hate stepping in doggy doo as much as the next person so we always remember to pick up after your pet on a walk or visit. Just let us know where to dispose of doggie bags. We use 100% biodegradable eco friendly doggie pick up bags. For any accidents that may occur, please notify us of where cleaning supplies are and we'll clean that up too.
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My dog only needs one visit a day to feed him while I'm away because I have a doggie door.
We provide a minimum of 4 visits a day if you are going to be going away. Your pet may become anxious, scared, and become destructive if he senses you are not around. Your pet will act differently when you are away, because he misses you! He may have access to the doggie door all day long when your home, but he will not be used to being left alone for that long while you're away. We also suggest that the pet only be allowed access to the doggie door while the pet sitter is there. FurEndly Pet Care cannot be held liable or responsible for any pet that becomes lost, injured (fatal or otherwise) while given access to a fenced in yard or doggie door while the pet sitter is not present.
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I have someone else coming to let my dog out in the morning
Unfortunately, we cannot predict how another person will handle a service or your home while you are away, therefore we cannot "share" services. We have learned from prior experience that "sharing" services does not work out for the client, sitter, or pet. We are fully bonded and insured, experienced, and your pet is our number one priority. We will work with you to create a solution that works for your needs.
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If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer!